NEWS! We will soon start our BOOKS DU JOUR season.

Host Frederic Colier interviews authors from all walks of life, located around the world, and you are invited to participate and ask questions,  Stay tuned for the list of authors and dates. BOOKS DU JOUR, the TV program will resume with new episodes by the end of Summer.  We broadcast on Wednesdays at 10:30 pm on NYC LIFE 25, and coming soon on PBS nationwide.

Books du Jour is on TV and online, and if that is not enough, you can also now listen our program Podcasts (free).

Our Initiatives

BookcaseLogo5Since its inception in March 2012, Book Case TV has come a long way. Our first short YouTube segments translated into a TV cable deal.  We have now completed  3 seasons of Book Case TV (34 episodes in total) and have created a successful spinoff, Books du Jour, now entering its second season, co-produced with NYC Media, which will broadcast on PBS in 2015.


Books du Jour is our second literary TV series. The program has a simple premise: the host invites three authors to lunch in one of New York’s finest restaurants and talk about books and life at large.  Our Third season will broadcast on LIFE 25, Wednesdays at 10: 30 pm.

imagesIn the Summer 2017, we will launch Books du Jour Magazine (BDJ Mag) The literary magazine will be available the online and on print. A version of our literary TV series, it will include feature articles, profile, and a vast range of book news. Stay tuned for more information as we bring it to life.

Book Case Engine-v2.4-medlarge

We are getting an unprecedented access to authors from all walks of life, and given that we always intended to publish inspiring works that fit our literary mission, we decided to launch our own publishing company, the Book Case Engine. 04/29/14 marked our first anniversary. We are slowly growing and hope to bring fresh and original voices to worldwide audiences. Check out our portfolio.

TBCTV Salon sofa logo 2.0-2his was just the beginning of the story.  Late 2012, we initiated the Book Case Literary Salon. Our intention was to throw authors in front of a live audience at a secret location.  We will be back and tape the salon for broadcast in public venues.


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